Make sure you arrange buildings insurance from the date of exchange of contracts Make sure you round up all the keys to your home so that they are available to the new owner on move day Make sure you take meter readings on moving day and notify these to your utility providers foe final billing Make sure you notify the local authority of your change of address for council tax records once you have moved Always instruct at least a homebuyer’s survey report on the property that you are purchasing Remember to cancel all direct debits relating to your old house from the moving day- including mortgage

We make it easy

1We appreciate that the house buying process in some cases can be extremely stressful as far as the client is concerned and we are therefore sensitive to all our clients’ needs and concerns. Furthermore we don’t flinch from saying what we mean. You can count on us for strong commercial or personal advice.

We don’t hang about

2We consider it to be in the best interests of all parties concerned to proceed with all matters as quickly as possible and we do not accept any unacceptable delay in our transactions. Furthermore, wherever possible we work closely with our clients’ estate agent, mortgage broker, surveyor and mortgage lender and consider ourselves to be the central point of focus in any transaction.

We guarantee satisfaction

3Our mission is to provide private and commercial clients with legal advice for all their conveyancing and remortgaging needs in a fast, efficient and innovative way, using our vast experience and our negotiating and communicating skills. Our aim is to ensure that your transaction runs smoothly.